Team BC Southeast

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Being a member of Team BC is more than just having tools for success, it is being part of a tribe and the first National Team. We are building an army of top performers across the country. You will be surrounded by, and collaborate with the best. You will learn to communicate at a high level, and negotiate better than 80% of the agents in your market. You will rapidly be recognized as a leader who is dominating your local market. What are your personal goals? As your Regional Team Lead I will continue to help and guide you toward those goals. As Team BC grows so will your opportunities on the team.


Keeping Current Matters

Newsletter Training

Canva (team account)

Branded PDF Listing Presentation

Branded Video Listing Presentation

Branded PDF Buyers Presentation

Branded Video Buyers Presentation

Zoom (team account for going live)

Weekly training

Support every step of the way


Coffee & Contracts

Video content and graphics

All MS Challenges will be free to team members


3 Million dollars a year in sales

500 cold calls a week

Door knocking

Produce video content

Must join EXP under me

Must join Modern Success ($127 a month)

Conduct yourself ethnically in all things knowing you now represent Team BC in all you do.

Bryan will be coming to the region every 2 to 3 months to do Lunch & Learns. There will be at least 2 Team BC Mastermind gatherings a year. This will be an opportunity for you to meet all team members from across the county.

You will have all the support and training you need. I will be by your side every step of the way. You will receive consistent training and guidance. Your growth will be nurtured and encouraged. The question is are you ready to put in the work?

Schedule a meeting with me If you are ready to take the next step.